Order a cocktail.


Receive a marshmallow.


Man, Hollywood is getting weird.


Step into The Argyle Hollywood, a new split-personality haunt with high-tech dancing above and some marshmallow-related cocktailing below, going the friends-and-family route tonight and officially opening Tuesday. (See the slideshow here.)


If you’re planning an evening involving curious cocktails with an assortment of rather stunning subterranean-Hollywood-cocktailing types, this is that kind of joint. Feels like a stately old library in Europe somewhere, with gold-colored tin ceilings and a mad genius from the Roosevelt’s Library Bar handling the marshmallows. We mean cocktails. Sometimes the cocktails are marshmallows down here.


But if it’s a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, and you’re planning on a wild club situation later… you’ll want your name on some kind of list. And if you’re really going for it, just know that there’s one “table” that’s really two levels, with its own private balcony. But wherever you start, it won’t take long before you’re all on the floor under a striking LED ceiling that undulates like the Bellagio fountain.


Or the Grove fountain.


But the Bellagio fountain sounds more apropos here.


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